#BloodySunday in #Selma at Fifty—A Struggle Remembered and Renewed!

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Bloody Sunday in Selma at Fifty—A Struggle Remembered and Renewed ~ Patrick MurfinHeretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout.

Note—As I type these words tens of thousands are gathering in the streets of Selma, Alabama, their faces turned as one to the Edmund Pettus Bridge where 50 years ago a bloody outrage occurred that made a nation—or most of it—gasp with horror and for once determine to act to change history.  The high and low will be there—President Barack Obama and his family and members of Congress—but no House Republicans whose party has morphed into the party of the Klansmen in uniform who once stood astraddle that bridge and who cannot afford to alienate their dwindling base.  There are elected officials of every grade so numerous that they have had to come in busses like the common heard. There are celebrities of ever sort, many of them actually…

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One thought on “#BloodySunday in #Selma at Fifty—A Struggle Remembered and Renewed!

  1. remember the 3 cops and the 4 whites the ferigis murdered especially the 14 yr. old white girl they forced to drink gas and doused her and burnt her alive death to all the savages during the so called protest during which time they creamed kill all white people robbed ,raped, looted ,murdered and committed arson again death to all savages and their white race traitors allies

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