#Islamophobia #PostColonial #Britain’s Problem With #Islam!

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Britain’s Problem With Islam ~ Oliver Carter-Esdale, The Huffington Post UK, 04/03/2015.

Modern Britain has a problem with Islam. This may not come as much of a surprise to some readers. For many in Britain, Islam is considered an isolating force, and its followers are somehow externalised from British identity, regardless of their birthplace or what passport they hold. Indeed, being both British and Muslim is now being painted as a potentially impossible identity. If Britain First, the spawn of the far-right hate group, the English Defence League, and their propaganda are to be believed, perhaps the two identities are mutually exclusive, and thus there can be no such thing as British Muslims.

Such a statement however, is a falsehood. This problem lies not with Islam, nor with Britain’s 2.8 million Muslims. It lies with Britain itself, and our ever increasing xenophobic, Islamophobic discourse. It lies with our media, whose…

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