#UK #Muslims sign public statement against #Islam ‘witch-hunt!’

| truthaholics

UK Muslims sign public statement against Islam ‘witch-hunt’ ~ RT.

Endless anti-terror laws and anti-Muslim rhetoric are in danger of creating a witch-hunt scenario against Muslims, according to supporters of a strongly worded public statement signed by representatives of Britain’s Muslim community.

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The statement comes in the wake of revelations earlier this week that the British Home Office is thinking of launching a “more assertive” campaign against Muslim extremism. It would include penalizing benefit claimants who do not learn English and forcing those applying for UK visas to commit to “British values.”

The signatories accuse the British government of “criminalizing” Islam and silencing “legitimate critique and dissent” in what it says is “the ongoing demonization of Muslims in Britain [and] their values, as well as prominent scholars, speakers and organizations.”

“We reject the portrayal of…

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