#Israel’s Paranoid #Mileikowski Prepares For His Last Stand!

| truthaholics

Overcome With Paranoid Delusions, Benjamin Netanyahu Prepares For His Last Stand ~ Max Blumenthal / AlterNetMarch 20, 2015.

Netanyahu has described a suicidal Jewish extremist as his personal hero.

Will he follow in his path?

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu propelled his Likud Party to victory over the centrist Zionist Union in national elections this week with a vehement rejection of a Palestinian state and warning of “buses full of Arabs” inundating polling places. He understands that most Jewish Israelis do not want to live beside an independent Palestinian state or next door to a Palestinian. He is one of them, after all, and he shares their sensibility. His last minute desperate appeal to racism was an Israeli application of Alabama Governor George C. Wallace’s political rule: “I will never be out-niggered again.”

By making Netanyahu the longest serving prime minister in Israel’s history, Jewish Israeli voters have chosen…

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