Analysis: A #Jewish version of #IslamicState!

| truthaholics

A Jewish version of Islamic State ~ Jamal KanjRedress Information & Analysis, 29th March 2015.

If you are like me, I am sure you are tired of reading about the results of the last Israeli election. Or about Binyamin Netanyahu’s Hebrew pledge in the run up to the recent election not to allow the creation of a Palestinian state and his flip-flopped English version after winning the election.

I want instead to highlight the native Palestinian Israeli citizens who ran on a united list for the first time since they started to participate in Israeli elections. These are the sons and daughters of approximately 150,000 Palestinians who remained in their original homes, or became internal refugees when their villages were among the 500 that were destroyed by Israel in 1948.

Tomorrow, these Palestinians will mark the 39th anniversary of Land Day. It is an annual event commemorating the…

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