As Germany is compensating the Jews 67 years later, Britain will also one day compensate us for the #Nakba!

| truthaholics

Britain will compensate us for the Nakba, one day ~ Khaled Ma’ali, MEMO, Thursday, 14 May 2015.

The occupation was only partially successful in implanting the culture of defeat and surrender, even 67 years after the Nakba. This is because people are alive and will not die and because the free Palestinian women do not stop giving birth to heroes who will liberate Palestine. Rights can be taken but they are not lost as long as there are those demanding them, and this is how the occupation was removed from southern Lebanon and Gaza.

This year marks the Palestinian Nakba’s 67th anniversary, and it represents the pain of over 12 million Palestinians. The occupation is exhausting and depleting the souls, possessions, natural resources and energy of an entire nation. This exhaustion is both accumulating and continuous.

Sixty-seven years after the West’s conspiracy against the Arabs and Palestinians and its armed forceful imposition…

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