#Corruption Did #Israel Buy Its Way Out of #FIFA Suspension?

| truthaholics

Did Israel Buy Its Way Out of FIFA Suspension? ~ Richard Silverstein, Global Research, Tikun Olam, May 30, 2015.

You’d have to be comatose not to know of the startling revelations of massive corruption in FIFA that amounted to $150-million in the past few years alone.  

Eight current or former senior officials were suddenly arrested at dawn at their posh Swiss hotel, where they were preparing for today’s international meeting.  They will be extradited to New York, where the Justice Department will try them for their alleged crimes.  It seems possible, if not likely that Sep Blatter, the FIFA president is in the cross hairs as well, though he isn’t incriminated in the indictments.

rajoub eini

Jibril Rajoub shakes hands with Israeli soccer federation president, Ofer Eini

Today, he was re-elected to his fifth term in office.  Apparently, FIFA under Blatter has had too much of a good thing and didn’t want to…

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