The west normalised #racist #wars and thinks 1000lb bombs will solve #Syria and #Iraq!

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The west normalised racist wars and thinks 1000lb bombs will solve Syria and Iraq ~ Frankie Boyle, Stop the War Coalition, 02 July 2015.

The United States record of invasions, assassinations and government overthrows is racist, says comedian Frankie Boyle.

Frankie Bsoyle

I SUPPOSE that whether this article prompted by the Charleston shootings feels topical enough will depend on whether America has another mass shooting before it goes to print.

If you’re in the US, there’s a fair chance it will seem dated because you are actually being gunned down as you read it, so I’ll try to get straight to the point.

It’s surely worth wondering whether it’s time to retire the flag that has for so long been a rallying point for racists and murderers, the stars and stripes.

There’s a genuine question to be asked here: what responsibility does the US state bear for the Charleston shootings when racist murder seems…

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