We have cast iron proof of Tony #Blair’s #WarCrimes, so no more #Chilcot excuses!

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We have cast iron proof of Tony Blair’s war crimes, so no more Chilcot excuses ~ Lindsey German, Stop the War Coalition, 18 October 2015.

Latest Blair revelations should serve as an urgent warning to MPs, especially Labour MPs, who are contemplating voting for war in Syria.

War criminals Bush and Blair

BACK in 2002 those of us who had been campaigning against the war on terror, just past its first phase in Afghanistan, could see that war on Iraq was firmly in the sights of the then prime minister Tony Blair and the US President George Bush.

The Blair trip to Crawford Texas to visit  Bush in April 2002 was clearly a turning point. It was obvious to anyone who cared to read beyond the official anodyne announcements surrounding the visit that there had been a deal between the two to go to war in Iraq.

The  memos published in the Mail on Sunday confirm…

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