I am #British, #Muslim, and afraid of my own #government!

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I am British, Muslim, and afraid of my own government ~ Muddassar AhmedPresident, John Adams Society, QUARTZ, November 04, 2015.

It seems I’m the reason why Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy is going to fail.

Though raised in an inner-city London neighborhood, I’ve been blessed with great opportunities in this wonderful town. I’ve set up a successful business, served my country as a government advisor, and been active with interfaith engagement. I’m about as well-integrated a British subject as you can get.

But I’m afraid. And my peers, fellow integrated British Muslims who travel in similar circles, are equally anxious. We feel insecure and uncertain in the face of the Conservative government’s new direction on countering violent extremism.

Adding to recent bills, our Conservative government launched its new counter-extremism strategy, to target “entryism” by extremists, and tackle extremist ideology. The prime minister, David Cameron, and home secretary, Theresa May, have…

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