#DroneWar: #Cameron follows #Obama’s footsteps in drone assassinations of citizens!

| truthaholics

What legally qualifies the assassination of a British citizen on foreign soil without due process?

The world will remember George W. Bush and Tony Blair for spearheading the “War on Terror” and illegally invading Iraq, which led to the destabilisation that gave birth to the Islamic State (IS) group. However, there appears to be a difference of opinion regarding the legacy President Barack Obama will leave. On the one hand, he is criticised by the warmongering hawks and neocons for being weak in his handling of matters in the Middle East, and bullied by Russia in Ukraine, while others have dubbed him“Obomber” for institutionalising the use of Predator drones to eliminate “terrorists”. The thousands of innocent men, women and children killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and…

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