Did #Blair Order Legal Advice re: Illegality of #Iraq Invasion “BE BURNED”?

| truthaholics

Did Tony Blair’s Regime Order Legal Advice re Illegality of Iraq Invasion “Burned?” ~ Felicity Arbuthnot, DISSIDENT VOICE, November 7th, 2015.

I think most people who have dealt with me think I am a pretty straight sort of guy, and I am.

— Tony Blair, October 21, 2011, BBC1

Given the ongoing revelations on the extent of Tony Blair’s duplicitous collusion in the illegal bombing and invasion of Iraq, it seems – to muddle metaphors – the “bunker busters” and Cruise missiles are finally coming home to roost.

In what has been dubbed “an apology” Blair even took to CNN in an interview with his pal Fareed Zakaria to – sort of – explain himself. It was no “apology”, but a weasel-worded damage limitation exercise as more and more revelations with respect to disregard for law – and to hell with public opinion – surface. The fault was that “… the…

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