300 #Veterans, Some With #PTSD, Are on Death Row: Report!

| truthaholics

300 Veterans, Some With PTSD, Are on Death Row: Report ~ TRACY CONNOR, NBC NEWS, NOV 10 2015.

During Courtney Lockhart’s capital murder trial, the jury heard testimony that he had returned from a bloody 16-month deployment to Ramadi, Iraq, a changed man.

His sweet nature was replaced by anger and paranoia, his ex-fiancee said. He hid in the closet at night, started living out of his car, drank too much and once put a gun to his own head.

The defense argued that Lockhart, who was dishonorably discharged, was suffering from untreated PTSD and wasn’t in his right mind when he abducted, robbed and fatally shot college student Lauren Burk in 2008.

The Alabama jury rejected the prosecution’s call for the death penalty and sentenced him to life. But in a rare move, a judge overrode the panel’s decision and put him on death row.

Image: Courtney Lockhart
Murder defendant Courtney Lockhart listens during…

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