#Anti-imperialism: 5 reasons #UK Govt remains liable for colonising #India!

| truthaholics

Think India should be grateful for colonialism? Here are five reasons why you’re unbelievably ignorantAmit Singh, Voices, THE INDEPENDENT, 11/11/2015.

To suggest that Britain was a benevolent colonial power, as the historian Andrew Roberts has done, is an offensive myth that must be de-bunked.

The Koh-i-Noor diamond, otherwise known as the Mountain of Light, is worth around £100 million, and according to the British Monarchy has “legendary” status within their collection of Crown jewels. Set in the Queen Mother’s platinum crown for her 1937 coronation, it’s a dazzling symbol of the Royal Family and its history. But there’s a catch – India wants it back. A collection of Indian businessmen and Bollywood actors have begun legal proceedings to have the diamond returned home.

Such news has been met with outcry in some quarters. Responding to the legal proceedings, the historian Andrew Roberts defended Britain’s right to keep the…

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