#Remembrance should be for ALL victims of war! #RoadToPeace

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Remembrance should be for all victims of war #RoadToPeace ~ Lindsey German, MIDDLE EAST EYE, Wednesday 11 November 2015.

The commemoration has morphed from being a call to end all wars, to one used by British politicians to support our wars in the Middle East

Today Hilary Benn, Labour shadow foreign secretary, made a speech in Coventry Cathedral where he praised Western military intervention and argued that there should be such intervention in Syria.

Coventry has the dubious honour of having been victim of one of the most intense German bombing raids in Britain during the Second World War. Its cathedral was very badly damaged, many were killed and injured and thousands left homeless. The intensity led to the bombing being known asCoventration”.

Ironic that his speech, delivered at a peace event 75 years after the bombing there, was to justify further war. It was delivered…

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