#ParisAttacks2 pretext to bypass #ViennaProcess HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF!

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HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF IN PARIS ~ David Hungerford, SouthFront15.11.2015. 

There is a pattern to things that happen when the United States faces a serious defeat in its international policy. A sudden violent atrocity shocks the world. There is a huge uproar. The U.S. setback goes unseen. Humiliation is avoided. Time is gained to cope.

For example, in Ukraine the US-backed Kiev junta met disaster in its 2014 military campaign against the insurgent People’s Republics in the east. Suddenly, on July 17, Malayan Airlines Flight MH-17 was shot down in the battle zone! The setback to US policy disappeared from the news.

The same pattern fits the terrorist attack of November 13 in Paris.

On October 30, 2015, U.S. imperialism found itself facing a political disaster of a very high order in Vienna. The Syrian government’s position in the country’s civil war has been greatly strengthened by its alliance with…

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