#ParisAttacks: Another #Muslim statement

| truthaholics

Sheikh Bewley carefully explains context and detail behind the appalling atrocity here.


ta-editorial2 (1)Important clarification touching upon the hubris and moral bankruptcy behind secularism instead of multiculturalism, and the corrosive effects of European post-colonial foreign policy. Taken with the undemocratic trend of domestic policies of assimilation instead of integration, the combined effect is unfair discrimination and denial of equal citizenship for so many causing unmet identity needs, widespread disenfranchisement and downright alienation. Is it any wonder then that some pitifully brainwashed victims are exploited by others with agendas as willing pawns and tools to lash out for more regime-change? 

ParisIslamRing, ring …
Alloo, this is Francoise Hollande …

Hey Frank, how’s everything in Frogland?
Say Frank, this is ISIS.
We did it!

SACRE BLEU! Ve vill attack Syria!
You know, I’m sat here in Assad’s office, right…

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