Words are cheap: Palestine abandoned by international leaders for over 73 years

Maybe it was the word “shit” or maybe the comment was too long or maybe YouTube just didn’t appreciate the truth. Whatever the reason, and it’s certainly not for the first time, the comment below for this TRT World video refused to publish. However, until online surveillance suppresses this blog, might as well use it as a comment section:

Yet, most, if not all, of these nations have stood by and done absolutely nothing to help end the terrorist criminal apartheid regime called “Israel” for the past 73 years. The systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians goes back to the Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916. It was followed by the British Balfour Declaration 1917, initiating the Zionists’ illegal entitlement to invade Palestine in 1947, creating the relentless unending Nakba Palestinians live in 24/7 for the past 73 years.

As a matter of fact, a number of these nations “condemning” Israel’s unprecedented violence and brutal aggression of Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide against Palestinians are seeking political alliances and business relationships with apartheid Israel…War Criminals and unspeakable Human Rights Abusers themselves like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. These countries have stood by Israel, aiding and abetting Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity in Palestine for over 73 years.

Words are cheap to placate mainstream media and propagandize the international community. They are worthless and clearly do not do shit in helping the innocent defenceless Palestinians ruthlessly murdered, maimed and dispossessed by Terrorist Israel at the end of Ramadan and Eid, who continue to bomb Gaza indiscriminately this moment.

Gaza has been unsustainable to live in for years. Deteriorating with every Israeli systematically planned terrorist attack to provoke retaliation, which is absolutely incomparable to the might of Israeli military prowess funded by $3.8+ billion annually courtesy the US taxpayers. The current bloodbath instigated by Israel is their intent to wipe Gaza off the face of the earth, because Gaza cannot sustain human life when this unprecedented horror is finished.

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