| LIVE UPDATES: Kenya shopping mall siege!

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Kenya shopping mall siege: LIVE UPDATES ~ RT.

Al-Shabaab, the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group took dozens of people hostage, among them foreigners, after seizing the Westgate shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Saturday, killing at least 69 people.

Monday, September 23

08:49 GMT: At least 69 people are confirmed to have been killed and 63 more recorded missing in the attack, Kenya Red Cross said Monday. The 63 recorded missing are thought to include both hostages still being held by Islamist militants, as well as those possibly killed in the three-day-long siege.

06:48 GMT: International Criminal Court proceedings for the trial of Kenya’s deputy president have been put on a week’s hold as a result of the hostage crisis, Reuters reports.

06: 38 GMT: Two blasts accompanied by brief gunfire were heard from inside the Nairobi mall, according to a Reuters witness.

The news comes as…

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